Anki is a cross-platform application which implements the Spaced Repetition Memory technique. It is a technique which helps you remember things easily by increasing intervals of time between reviews.

This learning technique is very efficient since it is based on the psychological spacing effect which states that humans remember things easily when they review them a few times over a long period.

Anki supports images, audio and videos. It comes with a synchronization  service which lets you keep track of your progress across multiple platforms.

This program can be used to :
  • Learn a new language
  • Remember mathematical formulas
  • Remember history dates
Anki supports a huge number of plugins. It is available on Linux, Windows, Mac and Android.

TIP: If you are interested in learning Japanese then Anki is for you. The Spaced Repetitiion technique turned out to be the best way to remember the Kanji.
You can create an unlimited number of flashcards by inserting each Kanji in a separate flashcard and Anki will schedule the intervals for you.

To install Anki on Ubuntu, download the .deb file (Here) and place it in your home folder then run the following command in your terminal :

sudo dpkg -i anki_1.2.11-1_all.deb