Impro-Visor is an educational application designed to provide jazz musicians with a way to create and play a lead sheet.
This tool can be used to hear and compose solos but its use is not limited to jazz.
In fact, there are many ways to use Impro-Visor:
  • Notation tool (create compositions or transcribe solo)
  • MIDI creator 
  • Playback Style Editor
Impro-Visor is a Java application which runs on Linux, Windows and Mac. To install it on Ubuntu, download the application (here), then place it in your home folder and run the following commands in a Terminal:

sudo apt-get install open-jdk-7-jre 
sudo sh ./FILENAME

NOTE: If you have already installed Java (JDK), just skip the first command and be sure to replace FILENAME with the name of the file you've just downloaded.