Hugin Panorama Image Creator

Hugin is a program that provides you with the ability to turn any series of photos taken from different angles into a large panorama.

Stitching is obtained by combining several overlapping photos representing the same location, and using reference points to merge the photos and form a panoramic view.

With Hugin, you can:
  • Correct wavy panorama pictures
  • Stitch photos from different lenses
  • Stitch flat scanned images
  • Create 360° panoramas with enfuse
  • Combine large mosaics of photos
Hugin is available in the Official Ubuntu Repositories. To install it, run this command:

sudo apt-get install hugin

Create a panorama using the auto align feature:

First, download the two photos needed for this example: 974-1.jpg & 975-1.jpg.

Launch Hugin and select the two photos using the Load Images option from the Assistant tab:

Hugin Load Images Option

Now, click on Align to align the photos automatically. Once the alignment is complete, the Fast Panorama Preview window will open:

To edit the stitching options, switch to Stitcher tab. From here, you can edit the output options such as the projection, the image format and so on. To generate the panorama, click on the Stitch button to save your panorama.

NOTE:  When you click on the Stitch button, Hugin will ask you first to save the project files and then you will be able to save your panorama.

Here is the final result:

Panoramic View

The 974-1.jpg and 975-1.jpg images are taken from this tutorial: Stitching two photos together