Mcomix is a GTK+ Comic/Manga reader that provides all the features you might expect from a comic reader such as reading images directlty from ZIP, RAR, 7ZIP or TAR archives.

Mcomix was forked from the rather popular Comix after its development was stopped in late 2009.

Brief Feature Tour:

#Nautilus Integration

Mcomix comes with one particular useful feature which is Nautilus integration. To read a comic/manga file (be it a ZIP, RAR or even a 7ZIP file), all you have to do is right-click on the comic file and choose Mcomix from the tooltip menu:

#Advanced resizing modes

Mcomix features the following zoom modes:
  • Best fit mode
  • Fit height mode
  • Fit width mode
  • Fit size mode 
  • Manual zoom mode
  • Manga mode

#Image manipulation

Mcomix allows you to perform some basic enhancements on images such as:
  • Rotating 
  • Brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness manipulation

#Other features

  • Bookmark support
  • Magnifying lens
Mcomix is available on Windows and Ubuntu/Linux. To provide Ubuntu users with an easy installation method, I've created a PPA that offers the latest Mcomix version for both Precise and Quantal. To install Mcomix from the TooPPA, run these commands in a terminal:
Update May 24 2013: This PPA now supports Raring and Saucy as well as the aforementioned Ubuntu versions.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:beebarss-saj-ma/tooppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mcomix