SlowmoVideo is a tool that allows you to generate slow motion videos (at 0.01× of the original speed) from almost any input format. The application can create slow motion videos using one of the following modes: 
  • GPU mode (Create better results using a GPU based solution)
  • CPU mode (Using OpenCV)

SlowmoVideo also comes with Motion Blur support, which allows you to smoothly control the speed of your video.

Here is a video that demonstrates the slow motion effect created by SlowmoVideo:


#GPU/CPU mode

#Rendering Dialog

If your device supports Nvidia Optimus technology, it is recommended that you run SlowmoVideo through Bumblebee to achieve high quality results:

optirun slowmoUI

SlowmoVideo is a cross-platform application (Mac users can install it using WINE). To install it on Ubuntu, simply grab the .deb file (HERE), then either use a GUI tool such as GDebi or run the following command in a terminal:

sudo dpkg -i <FILENAME.deb>

Video: Short dream – Hair in slow-motion from Simon A. Eugster / License: CC BY-SA 3.0