Social media, based on its global popularity, is now considered a way of life. In Facebook alone, millions of users are always communicating with each other, and they are also exploring different applications and games. Twitter communities are also common, and they are divided according to famous niches or topics. Basically, social media is a hotbed of information and data, and an individual can explore many things. Recently, Chatwing—a prominent chat software—has integrated a social media function in its roster of features. With this, users of the chatroom can now have better exposure rate for their websites and blogs.

Chatwing’s social media integration is something that you can look forward to. With this, visitors of the Chatwing chatroom can log in with their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Once logged in, they can now exchange friend requests and invitations. As chatroom admin, you can do the same. You can now expand your social network in just few and simple steps. In approximation, the Chatwing social media factor can improve your website’s online presence by as high as 80%. The percentage is affected by website content and other known factors. 

Chatwing chat software also has a strong customization factor. Customizing the chatbox takes only few minutes and you have lots of choices to play with. Basically, there are dozens of color combinations and there are also more background images. Font styles can also be edited, along with other admin parameters. If you don’t like any of the background images, you can just upload an image link of your choice. This option can boost any marketing or branding process.

A guest post by Aaron from ChatWing