If you own an Android device (e.g. tablet), chances are that you are familiar with the auto-remember feature that comes enabled by default in many popular video players including MX player. This feature allows you to automatically remember the position of the last played video, so that you don't have to guess where you stopped your last video playback each time you reopen your video file.

The default installation of VLC doesn't include such a feature. However, you can easily achieve similar result using the VLC Srpos plugin.

To install the Srpos plugin, you will have to compile it from the source code. To do that,  first download the source code (HERE), then issue the following commands in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install libvlc-dev
cd ~/Downloads
tar -zxvf libsrpos_plugin-0.3.tar.gz
cd libsrpos_plugin-0.3
make install

To activate the plugin, do the following:

  1. Start VLC
  2. Open the preferences window
  3. Select "All" in "Show Settings" (i.e. advanced settings mode)
  4. Go to Interface ==> Control Interfaces
  5. Activate "Save/Restore position of the last played files"
  6. Restart VLC
That is all there is to it. From now on, VLC will remember the position of the last video playback for you :)