SunFlower File Manager Ubuntu

SunFlower-FM is a small utility that aims to bring dual panel capabilities to the Gnome desktop environment. It is a highly customizable file manager that can be extended with plugins.

Although the project is still in alpha stage, it already includes a lot of features such as:
  • Advanced rename
  • Tabs support
  • Ability to open the terminal in current directory
  • Advanced file selecting tools (using patterns or extensions)
  • Bookmarks editing 
  • Directory control tools (compare directories)

Screenshots Tour:

SunFlower Bookmark Dialog

Adding a bookmark is quite easy, just head to Edit => Preferences => Bookmarks, then add your bookmark by entering both the name and path of the directory.

SunFlower Plugins Enable/Disable

You can easily enable/disable plugins.

SunFlower Advanced Selecting Tools

SunFlower includes some useful selection tools such as selecting file by extensions, marking files using patterns ...

Ubuntu users can easily obtain SunFlower by downloading the .deb file from HERE
You can install SunFlower either by using a GUI tool such as USC/GDebi or by running the following command in a terminal:

sudo dpkg -i FILENAME.deb

IMPORTANT NOTE: As I mentioned above, Sunflower is still in an early development phase, so it is highly recommended that you don't use it in a production machine. However, I didn't encounter any issues in my test, so use it at your own risk.

You can follow the project progress by visiting SunFlower's page at Google Code: