Yacy is a very interesting search engine made entirely using Peer-2-Peer technologies. It is a decentralized project which means that its performances are only limited by the number of users contributing to the network.

Yacy has a strong emphasis on privacy. Due to its P2P nature, the network doesn't have a central authority resulting in a highly distributed search engine which is capable of indexing billions of webpages.

Yacy's Features:

  • Independent search engine
  • Privacy (Queries aren't stored and content isn't censured)
  • Cross-Platform
  • 130.000 daily search queries
  • 1.4 billions indexed documents


View this video on Youtube HERE.


Yacy is a cross-platform application written in Java. To install it, you need to download the installation package from HERE

The next step consists in installing OpenJDK6:

sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre

To run the Yacy daemon, extract the archive that you've already downloaded then do the following:

cd ~/Downloads/yacy

To access the search engine's home page, simply point your browser to the following address: